• One tablet Medicovit Immune contains 60 mg vitamin C and 5mg zinc.
  • Melting in the mouth is the best way to absorb vitamin C, which indicates the effectiveness of Medicovit Immune lozenges.


Regular use of Medicovit Immune lozenges contributes to the prevention of scurvy, inflammation and bleeding gums as well as many other diseases. Vitamin C possesses Antioxidant properties and above all, it is used to increase resistance organism, prevents damage to cells by the influence of free radicals and prevents it development of disease, slows down the aging process.


  • Medicovit Immune lozenge are with pleasant taste and avilable in two variants:
    • Medicovit Immune strawberry
    • Medicovit Immune orange
    • One packaging of Medicovit Immune losenges contains 20 tablets.